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Belgian Shepherd Dog

As published in Canadian Dogs Annual
Belgian Shepherd Dog
21-26.5" (53-67.5 cm) 44-66 lb (20-30 kg) Long, black, double-coat with straight guard hairs. Undercoat is soft, wooly, and dense. Will occasionally have white markings on outercoat. Collarette around neck.

Known worldwide as the Belgian Groenendael, the Belgian Shepherd is the most popular of the four breeds of Belgian Sheepdogs. The name comes from the village of Groenendael in Belgium, where the Belgium breeder and restaurateur, Nicholas Rose, refined this noble breed. Belgian herding dogs have existed for centuries, but the breeds were not distinguished from one another until the 1800s. These black herding dogs found their calling in World War I when their sharp instincts and intelligence proved useful for finding wounded soldiers, detecting bombs, and carrying messages to the front lines. They have since been used in police and detective work, search and rescue, and as service dogs for the blind and people with special needs.


The hardworking Belgian Shepherd was born to serve, and loves having a purpose in life. Typically utilized by professionals for his detective skills and keen nose, he is also a loyal family dog. Sensitive and intelligent, he does much better with a gentle, positive approach rather than stern guidance. Quick to learn, the Belgian Shepherd excels at agility sports and activities, and is suitable for someone who leads an active lifestyle.

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