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Brittany Spaniel

As published in Canadian Dogs Annual
Brittany Spaniel
17-20" (44-52 cm) 30-45 lb (13-21 kg) Dense, flat or wavy coat. Feathering. Liver and white, orange and white, tricolour (liver and white with orange markings). Markings may be clear or roan. May have ticking. French lines may be black and white.
Photo courtesy of Rivermist Brittanys

Developed in the Brittany region of France, the first Brittany Spaniel was recorded in the town of Pontou in the mid-1800s, and was used for hunting and retrieving birds. Small and naturally bobtailed, the Brittany’s stocky compact frame and vigorous hunting ability made him one of the most popular hunting dogs in France. The breed type wasn’t settled until 1908. In spite of being called a “spaniel”, the Brittany functions more like a small setter or pointer. Indeed, the AKC has removed “spaniel” from the breed’s name. When the Brittany Spaniel came to North America in the 1930s, hunters preferred a lighter-bodied dog with a longer leg. Over time, American and French breeding stock differed enough in shape and hunting style that some clubs now separate the two and consider them different breeds. American Brittany Spaniels are discouraged from having the black colouring acceptable in French Brittanys.


An excellent hunter who loves the outdoors, the Brittany Spaniel is a delightful fellow, quite happy to relax once his work is done. He settles in well with family activities, and loves to be around his people. With a keen mind and desire to please, the Brittany Spaniel is easy to train. He is a happy dog who is always ready to have fun and be part of his people’s lives.

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