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Dawin Reg’d

Dawin Reg’d, Linda Campbell. Loving healthy quality pups from genetically screened breeding stock. Our dogs excel in the show ring, in...




Plants that heal

There’s an old adage: “you are what you eat”. It applies to all of us, including our dogs. While dogs are opportunistic omnivores who...

dog greeting

Greeting Your Dog Correctly

Scientific studies reveal how our dogs feel about the way we are greeting them. Sooner or later, it seems science gets around to answering...

Solutions for growling dogs

  Q. My two shelties (age three and one) are very gentle and friendly towards strangers. They are also well trained and can perform...


be a good vet patient

Be a good vet patient

The dogs we share our lives with are more than just “pets”. Along with a healthy diet, adequate exercise and lots of love, your canine...