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Doggie eye and vision health

Your dog’s vision is important to his happiness and well-being. Learn how to keep him seeing well. It’s easy to take sight for granted...

9-step health check

9-Step Health Check

Monitor your dog’s well-being by adding a quick and simple health check to his grooming routine. Regular veterinary exams are vital to...

cataracts in dogs

Preventing Cataracts In Dogs

Have you ever looked into an older animal’s eyes and seen a strange milky color there? It probably means he has cataracts. A cataract is...

common eye injuries in dogs

Common eye injuries in dogs

Eye injuries or traumas is common in dogs. While many people are familiar with cataracts and glaucoma, medical conditions such as these...

pink eye in dogs

Pink eye in dogs

Pink eye is something mothers of young children are familiar with, especially as it spreads quickly through schools. But dog parents...

eye diseases

Eye diseases in dogs

Often, people are surprised by the number of different eye diseases that can affect dogs. From cataracts and glaucoma, to structural...