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senior nutrition

Top 4 Tips for Senior Nutrition

Diet is the single most important factor affecting your dog’s health and longevity. The great thing is that you’re the one...

dill for dogs

Dill For Your Dog

When I was growing up, we regularly snipped dill from the summer garden as a perfect complement to boiled new potatoes, or thinly sliced...


Health Benefits of Mushrooms for Dogs

Our kitchen cupboard at home always contained at least one can of button mushrooms. My mom made thick tomato sauce with meatballs, and it...

recipes for active dogs

Recipes for your active dog

Does your active dog need a little boost? Make these quick and easy canine treats for your pooch after a long walk, or offer them as snacks...

herbs for dogs

Herbs For Your Dog’s Diet

Adding herbs to your dog’s diet can have a tremendous impact on his health and wellbeing. Here are ten great herbs you can grow...

home cooking for your dog

Home cooking for your dog’s health

Variety is crucial to a healthy diet. A selection of foods and ingredients means your companion is getting the full range of vitamins,...


Supplements For Your Dog

Whether you feed your animal a raw or home-cooked diet, or a premium canned or dry food, the bottom line is that each animal is as unique...


5 Tips For The Best Dog Diet

Garbage in, garbage out. It’s as true of our bodies as it is of computers, and it applies as much to your dog or cat as it does to you....