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Safety tips for walking your dog at night

If you’re like a lot of people, your busy lifestyle means you sometimes end up walking your dog when it’s dark out. This is especially...

dog car

New car shopping?

Dogs are natural road warriors. It seems as soon as they see you grabbing the car keys, they’re on their feet, ready to act as your...


Top 10 Tips For The Holidays

Holidays are busy and exciting but they can be a little stressful for everyone, including our dogs. This handy list will help ensure your...

dog swimming safety

Swimming safely with your dog

On warm summer days, there’s no better way to cool off than jumping into a sparkling swimming pool. It’s even better when you can share...

the best fence for your dog

The best dog fence

When you don’t have time to walk your dog, it’s a good idea to have an enclosed outdoor space for him to get some fresh air and...

dealing with dog fights

Dealing with dog fights

If you’ve ever had an aggressive dog, you know how stressful and upsetting dog fights can be. You face the daily dichotomy of socializing...

hiking with dogs

Hiking with your dog

For active dogs and their people, hiking can be fun and fulfilling. It’s good exercise and a wonderful way for you to spend quality time...

can dogs get sunburns?

Do dogs get sunburns?

Whenever you take your dog outdoors, he’ll be exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. While most dogs have hair that acts as a...

seat belts for dogs

Seat belts for dogs?

What’s the fun of taking a car ride, whether it’s around the block or to the next state, if your best buddy can’t go with your? With...


Holiday Tips For Your Dog

A happy, healthy holiday …for you and your animal The holiday season has arrived! It’s exciting, it’s busy and for most of us,...


Dos & Don’ts For Safe Dog Toys

Here are our top toy dos and don’ts: DO Be size-wise. Ensure the toys aren’t too small for your dog and that she can’t...