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King of the road: a travel checklist for your dog

Planning a trip? An increasing number of accommodations are opening their doors to guests and their dogs – so it’s easier than ever to...


Puppy stages

Puppies grow quickly, and growing up brings many changes. Your puppy will change not only physically, but intellectually and emotionally,...

Make your animal smarter!

Adopting a puppy or kitten guarantees lots of love and laughter. It also guarantees some added responsibilities. New animal parents may not...

new and improved dog parks

New and improved dog parks

Your companion needs daily exercise to stay fit and happy. Dogs need space to run, jump, dig, bark and just be dogs. For city dwellers and...

doggie daycare

Doggie Daycare

Thinking of taking your pooch to doggie daycare for exercise and enrichment while you’re away at work? Daycare is a wonderful outlet for...

are you encouraging antisocial behaviour in your dog?

Are you encouraging antisocial behavior in your dog?

Are you encouraging antisocial behaviour in your dog? Here’s how to change your ways. She’s not friendly!” calls a woman,...