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canine massage

How to massage your dog

Who doesn’t love a great massage? After all, massage benefits us physically and psychologically. The same is true for our dogs. Through...


Stress And Your Dog’s Behaviour

Stress and tension can be as much an issue for dogs as for humans. By understanding what’s causing his stress, you can be better...

remodelling your home with a dog or cat

Remodelling Your Home With Your Dog In Mind

When planning a home remodelling project, whether you’re having one room painted or redesigning the whole kitchen, you probably make a...

meditating with your dog

Meditating with Your Dog

Dogs and cats, through their close connection to us, are aware of and deeply affected by the stress we endure. In short, when we are...

flower essences for stressed dogs

Helping Your Anxious Dog With Flower Essences

Modern life is full of things that can make a dog nervous. From the constant assault of noise on sensitive ears to the overwhelming sights...

adaptogens for your dog

Solving Your Dog’s Stress with adaptogens

Life can be a challenge at times. All manner of stressors can harm the body or mind, and often both. While we and our animals have built-in...


Top 10 Stress-Busting Foods For Your Dog

Is your dog stressed? These ten delicious health foods will have him feeling calm and collected!            ...